The Summers that inspired Physics

The evenings were the most crucial time for me since, they hosted clear night skies full of planets, stars, and cosmic bands of haze. Lying down on a cot in the courtyard, being caressed by the cool evening summer breeze, looking up at the sky that appeared as a perfectly crafted sheet of silk laden with gems of different colours and radiance, made me wonder about the true nature of Nature.

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Introduction to ThePhysicist

ThePhysicist was initially planned to be a Physics blog that aimed to provide everything in Physics to everyone in Physics. To achieve the vision, ThePhysicist has been expanded from the idea of being only a blog to a full fledged website with content and features for those who are interested in Physics, viz, enthusiasts, students and researchers. ThePhysicist aims to establish continuity among the levels of its audience through well crafted posts, materials, classes, news and research tools. The aspiration here is to provide a single platform to educators, learners and researchers in Science in general and Physics in specificity. Not only that the content on ThePhysicist shall be unique and empowering for the readers, subscribers and visitors, but also that if some new, interesting and useful content is available elsewhere on the internet, it finds a special mention on ThePhysicist.

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