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What is PSR?

PSR or Preparation Status Report is a status reporting system designed for the preparation group (common for the paying and free) community members of ThePhysicist. The system generates the spreadsheet containing data on an individual member's educational qualification, target competitive exam, current self-study topic as well as the topics already covered. This helps the students in the following ways:

  • Becoming conscious of their own progress
  • Developing a stronger determination and commitment
  • Becoming aware of which member stands where and who to approach in the community for quicker resolution of subject related doubts

What are preparation groups?

ThePhysicist has dedicated preparation groups to aid students of Physics preparing for competitive examinations. All such students are community members on ThePhysicist. The ones who require active group support have to only request to be added to a suitable group. The groups offer total flexibility to the members to progress as per their own speed and style. The groups are there to help them out wherever they get stuck during their preparation.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

Not necessarily. Although there are paying members who get the benefits of priority support, it is not at all mandatory to pay a fee to become a community member or a preparation group member. Moreover, ThePhysicist is currently allowing only free community members and preparation group members because of the unavailability of new slots for paying members.

How do I become a member of a preparation support group?

In order to become a member of a preparation support group, you must upgrade yourself as a registered community member on ThePhysicist (click here) by creating a community User ID. Once you have activated your community membership account, you have to log in to your community account and then contact the support team on WhatsApp with a request to be added to a suitable preparation group.

ThePhysicist on WhatsApp

Once added to a preparation group, you will be given a PSR ID that you shall keep as your private key for reporting your individual preparation status in the PSR system. You can access the PSR system, either from the main menu > community > PSR or you can click here.

Watch the video tutorial on how to use PSR

PSR Video Tutorial

For any requests, suggestions, and complaints, please use the comments section below or use the contact page.

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