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Regular Online Physics Classes at Secondary Levels5 min read

The Physicist conducts regular online Physics classes for KVPY (SA, SX, and SB), JEE (Main and Advanced), and NEET aspirants on Teachmint.

Aspiring to crack JEE (Main and Advanced), NEET or KVPY? Need special classes for Physics? You’ve come to the right place. ThePhysicist’s Regular online Physics classes provide much more than just Physics lessons. You will get personalized recommendations for your study habits and learning practices. Insights, tricks and techniques that you will get from ThePhysicist will boost your score not only in Physics but in all other subjects. Proper guidance to knowledge sources and prompt personal assistance in case of conceptual struggle are the key features of ThePhysicist.

Read on to fully understand why and how ThePhysicist can help you.


Medicine, Engineering and Scientific research are the hot career choices for science students. If you are a secondary or higher secondary school student in India, you, most likely, are ambitious about becoming a doctor, an engineer, or a scientist. You must have also known about the competitive examinations, such as JEE and NEET and how tough it is to crack them.

The standard Indian education that you receive in your school, provides very little assistance in helping you fulfil your dreams. That’s why many students like you look for supplementary education through coaching classes and or self-study. There is no dearth of coaching institutes or teachers who provide online physics classes. Their fees range from zero (YouTube videos) to lakhs for reputed institutes. So, what is the reason for lots of students, despite spending a lot of money, and working very hard, fail to secure their desired ranks?

The Problem

The problem is “No one but only you have the ability to bring your dream into reality”. And, you are unique. No one else is exactly like you and you are like no one else. Thus what might work for someone else, might not work for you.

There are many online and offline institutes and individuals, serving their course contents in various formats and styles. Some of them are after revenue and some are after popularity. Coaching classes have become a fish market lately. No one bothers about the subjects as they bother about their business goals. In this process, the students lose their focus and are mislead into following practices that are counter-productive to their goals.

Cracking competitive entrance examinations like JEE and NEET require much more than learning the subject. You are required to train your subconscious mind in the subjects through very strategic practice. There might be formulas in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, but not for success. Success is the culmination of a set of individual winning habits aided by a bit of luck.

The Solution

ThePhysicist has more than 10 years of experience in teaching Physics to entrance exam aspirants. This experience at the grassroots level has enabled ThePhysicist to understand learning and competency issues in students at an individual level. This has motivated ThePhysicist to start an online coaching system to conduct regular live classes for dedicated students. These classes are entirely focused on Physics with teaching mathematics that is relevant to Physics.

Students can join the demo classes for free. After the demo classes, students interested in taking the regular classes can enrol in the Integrated Foundation batch and carry on with their preparation aided and guided by ThePhysicist.

The Plan

  1. The Integrated Foundations batch takes in a limited number of dedicated students. Initially all aspirants for JEE, NEET, and KVPY are taken together.
  2. The official language of instruction is English, although, students can communicate with ThePhysicist in Hindi as well.
  3. The students are given initial assessment tests in Physics and Mathematics. These tests are based mostly on the school syllabi up to the 10th. A few questions may come from beyond the syllabi just to test the aptitude.
  4. Once the batch aptitute is gauged, the teaching style and level are decided and implemented.
  5. Hand written notes, mathematical summaries, formulas, tricks and tips are uploaded in regular and due intervals as materials.
  6. Periodic tests and assignments are taken and evaluated.
  7. After the completion of foundation course, mid-term assessment tests are taken and evaluated.
  8. Specialized batches are formed only after the completion of foundation.
  9. Students in specialized batches for JEE (Main and Advanced), NEET, and KVPY are then given specialized guidance depenednig upon their goals.
  10. All the live classes are taken in the same virtual classroom so that, irrespective of their batches, any student can join any live class and take any test or assignment.
  11. The coaching programme continues till the student take his/her final attempt in their desired examination.

The Progress Map of the coaching programme is given below.

Integrated Foundation Batch Progress Map


If you think, the plan is a right fit for you, join in. Visit ThePhysicist.in/regular to send an enrolment request.

For any further questions you have, visit ThePhysicist.in/desk.

A complete list of the official links of all the competitive entrance exams that have Physics as a compulsory subject can be found on the Examinations page.