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Staying updated with the most recent advances in science has never been easier. ThePhysicist gathers news about the most recent advances in the world of scientific research and analyses them regularly. You can read the news analysis posts on ThePhysicist by visiting here.

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NASA Image of the Day The latest NASA “Image of the Day” image.

  • Curiosity’s Dusty Selfie
    on 05/08/2022 at 14:09

    Since August 2012, Curiosity has been exploring 3-mile-high Mt. Sharp in Gale Crater. The rover has climbed more than 2,000 feet (612 meters), reaching progressively younger rocks that serve as a record on how Mars has evolved from a wet, habitable planet to a cold desert environment.

  • Ice Stars
    on 04/08/2022 at 14:04

    Like distant galaxies amid clouds of interstellar dust, chunks of sea ice drift through graceful swirls of grease ice in the frigid waters of Foxe Basin near Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.

  • Wildflowers in Bloom at Kennedy Space Center
    on 03/08/2022 at 14:00

    With wildflowers surrounding the view, NASA’s Space Launch System Moon rocket – carried atop the crawler-transporter 2 – arrives at Launch Pad 39B at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 6, 2022.

  • Webb Captures Stellar Gymnastics in The Cartwheel Galaxy
    on 02/08/2022 at 14:00
  • NASA Pays Tribute to Nichelle Nichols
    on 01/08/2022 at 13:26

    NASA celebrates the life of Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek actor, trailblazer, and role model, who symbolized to so many what was possible. She partnered with us to recruit some of the first women and minority astronauts, and inspired generations to reach for the stars.

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