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  1. Your question must be directly relevant to Physics.
  2. ThePhysicist currently accepts questions up to the secondary level of formal education (12th, Olympiad, KVPY, NTSE, NSO, JEE, NEET, AP Physics, SAT, A Level, IB or equivalent). This limitation on the Academic Level Acceptance of the questions will be removed soon enough to accept questions from graduate and postgraduate levels.
  3. Your language of communication must be English/Hindi.
  4. Your language must not be abusive.
  5. Your question must not be one that fundamentally takes more time to solve than your membership duration.
  6. Your question must not be based on a known conjecture.
  7. Your question must not come within the purview of the Proof of Impossibility.
  8. Each of your questions must allow ThePhysicist at least 24 hours to prepare the solution best suited for you. This means, the question you ask in the final 24 hours of your membership duration is not guaranteed to be resolved by ThePhysicist. However, it is ThePhysicist’s discretion and not obligation to solve it.
  9. You must respond to a response from ThePhysicist related to your query within a maximum of 12 hours.
  10. You must be available for a live session if agreed upon by you for the time and medium.
  11. If any of your questions (satisfying all the terms and conditions on AnswersPro) remain unresolved within your membership duration, you will be given a free extension on your existing membership plan via a coupon worth 100% scholarship only for your existing membership plan.
  12. All the above terms and conditions are in conjunction with the general user policies on ThePhysicist as stated in the WhitePaper.

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