Every vision needs to be at the highest possible pedestal in terms of ideals, principles, passion and ethics. The vision of ThePhysicist is to establish itself as an online resources portal that offers everything in Physics to everyone in Physics. To consistently work on that vision, ThePhysicist has a well defined mission statement.


To put it simply, the Mission of ThePhysicist is to work on its vision by serving to the three identified categories among its intended audience that are, at the minimum, enthusiasts in Physics.

  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Enthusiasts

For the Researchers, ThePhysicist has a dedicated Research page that contains the following three resource tools.

  • ThePhysicist Search Engine (a customised Google search engine created to look for online content related to the key phrase among authentic and high impact journals, repositories of scholarly articles, news and blogs)
  • Journals Index (a list of all the high impact and important research and review journals in Physics with their respective direct links as well as feeds on ThePhysicist showcasing 10 recently published papers each)
  • arXiv Index (a list of all the branches of Physics with their respective direct links as well as feeds on ThePhysicist showcasing 10 recently approved preprint papers each)

ThePhysicist considers the Research page as a cornerstone page on the site and is in constant pursuit of making the page more useful by taking in direct and indirect feedback.

For the students of Physics, there is a dedicated Examinations page containing a list of the key competitive examinations with the respective official information and links. Provided are ThePhysicist Course Category Codes and Tags to make it a fluid experience for the students to understand which course to go for and which posts to look for. It is being emphasized here that ThePhysicist recommends the students to always refer to the official site for their respective examinations and use the resources on ThePhysicist only for guidance and coaching.

There are ever increasing resources and facilities being offered both for free of charge as well as for a fee. ThePhysicist is committed to help students prepare better in Physics for various competitive exams such as KVPY, NSEP, INPhO, IPhO, NSEA, INAO, IAO, JEE, NEET, NGPE, JAM, GATE, TIFR, NET, JEST, GRE Physics subject test and Advanced Placement Physics. Going forth help will also be provided to researchers working for a PhD

ThePhysicist is currently working on building online courses in Physics meant for the aspirants of JEE (Advanced), JAM, GATE, JEST, TIFR, NET and JEST. Those courses and the supporting pages will soon come up on the blog menu.

Stay tuned!!!

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For the enthusiasts, ThePhysicist offers many things for free, such as, blog posts, news, a discussion forum and a social network. ThePhysicist also offers free guidance and assistance from experts if an enthusiast has a specific question or if they wish to turn into students or researchers.

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Copyright and IPR policiy

ThePhysicist has a zero tolerance policy towards copyright and IPR violation. Stringent checks on the content are done before being published on ThePhysicist to ensure the copyright and IPR of the original creators are protected. ThePhysicist forbids all individuals, businesses and organizations from using any content of ThePhysicist in any manner (commercial or noncommercial) without formal permission from ThePhysicist. For any complaint, request, proposal or suggestion, please use the contact page.

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