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This is a list of leading high impact research and review journals for Physics. The hyperlinked 'Visit' opens the journal site. The hyperlink under the 'Feed' column opens the page on ThePhysicist containing the hyperlinked list of 10 recently published papers.
NaturePhysicsCloseVisitNature – Physics
NatureAstronomyCloseVisitNature – Astronomy
NaturePhotonicsCloseVisitNature – Photonics
Nature CommunicationsPhysicsOpenVisitNature Communications – Physics
Nature CommunicationsAstronomy, Planetary ScienceOpenVisitNature Communications – Astronomy and Planetary Science
Nature CommunicationsOptics, PhotonicsOpenVisitNature Communications- Optics and Photonics
Nature Partner JournalQuantum InformationOpenVisitNPJ – Quantum Information
Nature Partner JournalQuantum MaterialsOpenVisitNPJ – Quantum Materials
Physical Review LetterPhysicsOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review Letters
Physical Review XPhysicsOpenVisitPhysical Review X
Reviews of Modern PhysicsModern PhysicsOpen, CloseVisitReviews of Modern Physics
Physical Review AAtomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Quantum InformationOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review A
Physical Review BCondensed Matter PhysicsOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review B
Physical Review CNuclear PhysicsOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review C
Physical Review DParticle Physics, Field Theory, Gravitation, CosmologyOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review D
Physical Review EStatistical Physics, Nonlinear Physics, Biological Physics, Soft Matter PhysicsOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review E
Physical Review ResearchPhysicsOpenVisitPhysical Review Research
Physical Review Accelerators and BeamsParticle Physics, Accelerator ScienceOpenVisitPhysical Review Accelerators and Beams
Physical Review AppliedApplied Physics, EngineeringOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review Applied
Physical Review FluidsFluids PhysicsOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review Fluids
Physical Review MaterialsMaterials ScienceOpen, CloseVisitPhysical Review Materials
Physical Review Physics Education ResearchPhysics EducationOpenVisitPhysical Review Physics Education Research
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyAstronomyCloseVisitNot Available
Astronomy and AstrophysicsAstronomyOpen, CloseVisitAstronomy and Astrophysics
The Astrophysics JournalAstronomyCloseVisitThe Astrophysics Journal
The Planetary Science JournalAstronomy, Planetary ScienceOpenVisitThe Planetary Science Journal


This is a list of arXiv approved preprints in Physics. The hyperlinked 'Visit' opens the repository page. The hyperlink under the 'Feed' column opens the page on ThePhysicist containing the hyperlinked list of 10 recently approved papers.
PhysicsVisitarXiv – Physics
AstrophysicsVisitarXiv – Astrophysics
Quantum PhysicsVisitarXiv – Quantum Physics
General Relativity and Quantum CosmologyVisitarXiv – General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
Mathematical PhysicsVisitarXiv – Mathematical Physics
Condensed Matter PhysicsVisitarXiv – Condensed Matter Physics
High Energy Physics (theoretical)VisitarXiv – High Energy Physics – Theoretical
High Energy Physics (experimental)VisitarXiv – High Energy Physics – Experimental
High Energy Physics (phenomenological)VisitarXiv – High Energy Physics – Phenomenological
High Energy Physics (lattice)VisitarXiv – High Energy Physics – Lattice
Nuclear Physics (theoretical)VisitarXiv – Nuclear Physics – Theoretical
Nuclear Physics
VisitarXiv – Nuclear Physics – Experimental
Nonlinear PhysicsVisitarXiv – Nonlinear Physics

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