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This is a list of leading high impact research and review journals for Physics.
JournalFocusAccess TypeSite
Nature CommunicationsPhysicsOpenVisit
Nature CommunicationsAstronomy, Planetary ScienceOpenVisit
Nature CommunicationsOptics, PhotonicsOpenVisit
Nature Partner JournalQuantum InformationOpenVisit
Nature Partner JournalQuantum MaterialsOpenVisit
Physical Review LetterPhysicsOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review XPhysicsOpenVisit
Reviews of Modern PhysicsModern PhysicsOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review AAtomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Quantum InformationOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review BCondensed Matter PhysicsOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review CNuclear PhysicsOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review DParticle Physics, Field Theory, Gravitation, CosmologyOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review EStatistical Physics, Nonlinear Physics, Biological Physics, Soft Matter PhysicsOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review ResearchPhysicsOpenVisit
Physical Review Accelerators and BeamsParticle Physics, Accelerator ScienceOpenVisit
Physical Review AppliedApplied Physics, EngineeringOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review FluidsFluids PhysicsOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review MaterialsMaterials ScienceOpen, CloseVisit
Physical Review Physics Education ResearchPhysics EducationOpenVisit
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyAstronomyCloseVisit
Astronomy and AstrophysicsAstronomyOpen, CloseVisit
The Astrophysics JournalAstronomyCloseVisit
The Planetary Science JournalAstronomy, Planetary ScienceOpenVisit


This is a list of arXiv approved preprints in Physics.
FocusOfficial Page
Quantum PhysicsVisit
General Relativity and Quantum CosmologyVisit
Mathematical PhysicsVisit
Condensed Matter PhysicsVisit
High Energy Physics (theoretical)Visit
High Energy Physics (experimental)Visit
High Energy Physics (phenomenological)Visit
High Energy Physics (lattice)Visit
Nuclear Physics (theoretical)Visit
Nuclear Physics
Nonlinear PhysicsVisit

Researh Posts


Which is the most stable nuclide? The popular verdict says $^{56} _{26}Fe$ is the most stable nuclide since it has the highest binding energy per nucleon $(\frac{B}{A}=8.790 \ MeV/A)$. However, this is incorrect. The most stable of all the nuclides is $^{62} _{28}Ni$. Its binding energy per nucleon is $(\frac{B}{A}=8.794 \ MeV/A)$. This post discusses… Read More »Which is the most stable nuclide?

The post Which is the most stable nuclide? appeared first on ThePhysicist.

Mirror Mazes are amazing. They produce intricate optical illusions of various grandeur. Irrespective of the complex structures they produce, all the mirror mazes are based on the simple Physics of geometrical optics, i.e. the laws of reflection. Two plane mirrors, inclined to each other at some angle, creating multiple images of an object placed in… Read More »Understanding Inclined Plane Mirrors

The post Understanding Inclined Plane Mirrors appeared first on ThePhysicist.

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