Per Aspera Ad Astra (Part 1)

This is a series of articles intended to educate aspiring astronomers about observational and theoretical Astronomy. Our discussion will range from the basic unaided techniques to the frontiers of ongoing Astronomical research which will include fun Mathematics and Physics involved in Astronomy. Advanced technologies, and engineering methods prevalent in modern Astronomy will also be covered in the forthcoming articles of this series. A dedicated post shall also look into the various career options related to Astronomy.
Have you ever wondered what the sky really is? Have you ever asked why the sky acts like the largest canvas you have ever seen, a canvas that stretches from the horizon to the zenith (the point directly overhead) which consistently carries varying pictures at various times? If you have evolved to have become a human being, you must have. We humans have always wondered at the enormity of the sky. Not just wondered, we have shed our sheer animal instincts and have evolved as humans by relentlessly trying to look at the sky and understand it. No other animal than Humans have acquired the physiological vantage point of the human head that is the best suited to watch the sky. Or should we say, the heavens, as commonly perceived.

So, what is the Sky and where does it those colours that it flaunts?

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