Bead embedded to a rotating wire

This problem can be solved in at least 3 meaningful ways, (a) from the ground frame, (b) from the rotating frame and (c) with Lagrangian. Let us do it in all of them. But even before we begin to decide whether to use Lagrangian mechanics or not, we need to understand the motion from the ground frame. It is not always advisable to use the ground frame to solve problems in rotational motion. More often than not, the ground frame calls for more variables and thus more equations than the rotational frame. However, using the rotational frame calls for fictitious or pseudo forces and without a firm understanding of the motion through the real forces, there is a big possibility of making mistakes. Hence, ThePhysicist suggests that the students, while practicing, should always try to solve problems of rotational motion from the ground frame first and then from the rotational frame.

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